Gypsy Movie Review

Gypsy Review title

Gypsy (Jeeva) Born and raised in Kashmir, Gypsy (Jeeva) is raised by a horseman to lose his parents. She also has enjoy with the Gypsy Horse. Waheeda (Natasha Singh) falls in love when Gypsy arrives in Nagore.

Waheeda, who belongs to a Islamic family, is in love with the gypsy.

Gypsy got married and living in North State. Husband and wife split as a direction due to religious turmoil when Waheeda is pregnant.

It is artificial for a woman to run away from home, relying on a knight who came to show her wit. The romance between Gypsy and Waheeda has been overemphasize. The scene where they run away from house is enjoyable thing. After the Waheeda run away from the house, nothing big happened.

In the beautiful screenplay, the sensor has its hands in many places and the image is not affected. Riot footage has been shown in black and white, so it does not lend a hand. Rajamurugan has taken up many important social problems.

Raju Murugan, who had to deal with some of the brave things, would have been a gypsy celebration.

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