Pubg App Bans in India including 118 China Apps

India has blocked many number of mobile apps with linkage to China, including popular mobile game PUBG and 100 more apps, You can see the full list here

The federal government today ordered the banning of 118 more Chinese processors, including Pubg. While 59 Chinese processors, including Tik Tok, have already been banned, the federal government has now banned 118 processors.

Last June, the federal government banned 59 apps, including Tik Tok. In the wake of this, the federal government today issued an action order banning 118 more Chinese processors, including the popular PubG mobile game, Cut Cut, Byte, Rise of Kingdoms, and Carom Friends, among boys and young people.

There have been constant complaints that youngsters are getting depressed because of playing puppies. Moreover, it came to light that such processors pose a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the country. As a result, 118 Chinese processors, including Pubg, are banned in India, according to the federal government.

China back in Ladakh; Indian army chased away! Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in a clash with Chinese troops last June in the Kalwan Valley on the Indo-Chinese border in Ladakh. In retaliation for China’s barbaric act, the federal government announced in late June that 59 Chinese operatives, including Tiktok and Hello, would be banned in India.

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