Google Drive Trash

If you do not restore the contents of the ‘Trash’ section in Google Drive within 30 days, they will all be deleted automatically. Files are automatically deleted. Once you have deleted a file you will have exactly 30 days to recover it.

Until now, users would simply delete the file and it would always be there in the ‘Trash’ folder. Open that folder in Google Drive and delete the content manually. Thus trash came to be a place of hiding instead of deleting content.

The company said the process will begin on October 13. This action not only saves a lot of space on Google Drive, but also syncs with Google sites like Gmail, which will delete your mail from Bin after 30 days.

“Any files already in a user’s Trash section will be valid for 30 days from October 13, 2020. After 30 days, files that have been in the Trash for more than 30 days will be automatically deleted, ”Google said in a post.

Admins have the option to recover the deleted file from the trash for up to 25 days.

To let everyone know about this new feature, the company will also add a banner notification on Google Drive along with the Google Docs and Google Forms page.

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