Dhoni Retires from International Cricket and reactions of Thala Fans

Mahendra Singh Dhoni(MSD) has announced his retirement from International Cricket.

The overall World Cup dream of the Indian fans has been shattered by the semi-final match against New Zealand. India surrender to New Zealand in semi-finals.

The team that batted first won the match at Manchester Stadium. From the very beginning, the fans were in for a big shock as they eagerly awaited that the Indian team would change that history.

The Indian team stumbled as 3 of the opening batsmen were out for 1 and the other players were out for short runs. The Dhoni-Jadeja duo rescued the declining Indian team. Jadeja played aggressively with confidence in the presence of Dhoni as the game came into the hands of India.

Dhoni Retires from International Cricket

Dhoni was the biggest hope for the team as Jadeja was out at the end of a thrilling match. But no one could accept that Dhoni was unexpectedly run out. Sumantha Dhoni, who was carrying the entire burden of the Indian team on his shoulders, looked on.

Dhoni eye is troubled and that video has gone viral on the internet. Many of his fans have been posting comments in support of him.

No one thought that Dhoni’s match that day would be his last international match. Having been run out in his first ODI, he ended up being out in the last match as well.

Dhoni Retires from International Cricket and reactions of Thala Fans

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