Stress Relief Yoga

Here are some suggestions on how to reduce our Stress in our daily life.

Every day different things make us stressed. It suddenly manifests as anger and causes vibrations in the body. But not beautiful for a healthy body.

What can we do to help? Ever wondered? Do you think food, medicines, massage, prayer, etc. will be beneficial for this? Not sure.

Whereas there is no solution to this. Yes! An amazing remedy called yoga has been used for healing for hundreds of years. We just are unaware of its magnificence.

Yoga cures all the ailments of our body. Among them you can now find out what is yoga that reduces stress and anger.

1. Karutasana

The arms and legs should stand side by side with the pinnacle. Focus on a point where the former is something. This puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders and hips. Then the points that provoke emotions will calm down.

Stress Relief

2. Uttanasana

Stand up straight and bend the body forward and down. The seats should also be added so that the other hand touches the knee. It balances the nervous system and provides calm. Whereas those with back pain, pain in the hands, high blood pressure should seek medical advice.

3. Balasana

Sit on the floor with legs folded inwards. Place the hands on the floor towards the back so that the back of the head resets on the floor. After a while, only the hands should be folded forward in the same position.

4. Vajrasana

Sit with legs folded and hands crossed across the chest. It helps greatly in food digestion. Before going to bed at night, you can try this yoga daily.

5. Supta Baddha Konasana

Lying on the floor, bring both feet together. Place one hand on the abdomen and other hand on the chest. It calms the mood a lot.


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